Funeral Celebrant

My role as funeral celebrant is to create a ceremony of warmth and understanding.  A funeral ceremony that allows the space, opportunity and focus to allow friends and family of the deceased to express their sorrow, to share their sadness and to give comfort to each other.

The ceremony needs to capture the spirit of the deceased, to honour their life with sensitivity and care, to recognise the place they hold in your life and the impact they have had on others.

… some testimonials I have received over the years:

“Dear Lee

It was a privilege to have you as the celebrant for our mother’s funeral, the passing of a loved one is always a very difficult time and having you assist us with all the details and guiding us through the service was a great comfort to all the family.

Your warmth, caring, understanding and professionalism not only helped us through this tough time, it was a great support, your attention to the details, great ideas and the time and effort that you put in to make sure that everything was covered, helped to ensure that the service went well.

The service itself was one of compassion, warmth, a little humour which my mother would have wanted, and gentleness, showing great care for my father and the rest of the family, exactly what is needed at a time like this.

My mother in law attended this funeral and was so impressed with you that when she later became ill herself she asked us to make sure that we had you as the celebrant for her funeral, sadly she passed away and again it was a great comfort to again have you assist us through this very tough time.

You again spent time with us before the funeral helping us with many good suggestions and making sure the details and what we wanted to say and do were all part of the service.

Again the service was filled with compassion, warmth and great understanding or our needs and my mother in laws requests.

Thanks so much Lee for all the care and understanding, we are hopeful that we will get to use your services for a wedding in the not too distant future.

Warmest regards

Sharon and Bill Lewis

Farewell your Loved One with dignity, love & respect with Funeral Celebrant Lee Prideaux