Other Civil Ceremonies

Celebrants are called to officiate at ceremonies to commemorate many of life’s milestones.

With all of the ceremonies I conduct, I promise to work with you. An initial meeting, with follow up meetings – as required – phone and email contact – we will work together to create a ceremony that reflects the emotions and excitement you wish to share with family and friends, surrounding your special event.

I write a ceremony which you and then go over to ensure it is all that you want it to be.

This ceremony can follow traditional lines or be as diverse as your imagination can conceive.

Renewal of Vows

You have been together now for many years and you have decided it is the time to renew your vows of love and trust. Your ceremony should be a reflection of your lives together, and about your ongoing commitment to each other and to the future.

Naming Days

The birth of your child is a wondrous event. The name you give that child is what the world will know them by forever. So why not celebrate that moment, commemorate their arrival into the world, introducing them formally to your family and friends.

Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies are not legally binding, but are performed for those who wish to commit their lives to each other, to publicly declare the love that they share.